Process Consulting for Organizational Development

Developing Integral Agents for Integral Organizations

Our Experience

After 9 years in the personal and professional development industry, I decided to alter direction - developing the Integral Human and Organization. Now, I share my passion for organizational development consulting by helping homeless-sector organizations to develop the integral therapist, case manager and staff in change management and dialogic organizational development. This ramp up process is an inside-out design to empower your team to better support your client and organizational needs through not limiting change to purely technical options but embracing adaptive moves within processes.

Why Us?

Integrative approaches in organizational development consulting offer inclusive and transcendent properties for emerging processes. Upon initiating sustainable collaboration, we begin with the premise that "No one is 100% wrong."  Our strategy has an inter-relational focus for change management to strengthen how your associates, employees, teams and departments feel acknowledged when contributing to fulfilling the mission and vision of your business, leading to (as research shows) higher productivity in achieving results, efficiency in systems operations, and cultural integration and flow.