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There’s No Need to Suffer

We offer process consulting services for homeless-sector and mental health organizations. Our process involves educating professional healthcare workers on the dangers of and solutions for secondary & vicarious trauma, and the development of Tertiarius trauma for the organization.

Through our process-oriented and dialogic approach, participants engage through observation, inquiry, and the suspension of preconceptions about the content brought up in each meeting. The outcome is often said to have a sociotherapeutic result – i.e. therapy for the individual, the group, and for the organization.

Howard Crampton Jr is currently finishing his M.A. in Psychology at Saybrook University (The School of Humanistic and Clinical Psychology), and writing his thesis on The Potential Effects of Frontline Workers’ Secondary Trauma and Vicarious Trauma on Clinical Patient Outcomes in Homeless Populations: A Transcendental Phenomenological Study.

Howard has also partnered with Rebecca Cannara from Universal Human Rights Initiative ( to facilitate dialogue groups on homelessness. These dialogues call forward the thoughts and judgments from homeless populations and authorities that these limiting views are resolved and solutions develop through intergroup collaborations.

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