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“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. ”

– Margaret Mead

Howard Crampton, Jr. is graduate student at Saybrook University nearing the completion of his M.A. in Psychology with an emphasis on Consciousness, Spirituality and Integrative Health. His studies in consciousness research have led to the inquiry and implementation of Integral Theory as it applies to Organizational Development.

Integral Consulting (i.e. process consulting, humble consulting) for Organizational Development offers a unique approach to understanding the complexities of an organization and how it functions. Organizations are reflective of an Organism, "a complex structure of interdependent and subordinate elements whose relations and properties are largely determined by their function in the whole" (Britannica Academic, 2019).

Integral theory emphasizes the inter-relatedness and interdependent nature of "whole systems" and the fundamental necessity that all parts function together optimally to produce the highest levels of health within the organization. Integral Leaders in the field of consulting today all agree that the change we face today cannot be overcome through technical changes alone (i.e. diagnoses), at least not most of the time, but through adaptive change (Block, 2000; Kegan & Lahey, 2009; Schein, 2016; Senge, 2006) - i.e. a process of dialogic, collaborative and inclusive communication and discovery.

Borrowing from the leaders and influencers with the highest regard for integrity in the industry - Edgar Schein, Peter Senge, Peter Block, Robert Kegan & Lisa Laskow Lahey - and the psychologists, philosophers and researchers who have contributed, and continue to contribute, to the field's evolution - Ken Wilber, Clare Graves, Don Beck, Jane Loevinger, Howard Gardner, Otto Scharmer - our approach to supporting your organization is dynamic and inclusive of people, principles and practices to ensure you are equipped to work collectively and collaboratively to meet with success.

"Success is the automatic consequence of integrity." - Dr. David R. Hawkins

Otto Scharmer (author of Theory U) stated, “The quality of the creative design process is a function of the quality of the problem statement that defines your starting point.”  During our initial consultation, we offer a 5-step approach to defining your concern and establishing the processes to achieve your aim:

1. Strategically assess the problem

2. Identify how the problem will be defined

3. Setting goals for utilizing acquired data

4. Identify how the goals are to be engaged and implemented

5. Following through on next steps

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